About the Festival

The Otago Careers Festival has been established to benefit the Otago community. Benefits of the festival include:

  • Job-seekers will find new opportunities for employment.
  • Employers will meet prospective new employees.
  • Parents and caregivers will gain new information and insights into career opportunities for their children.
  • Industry groups will provide information and encouragement.
  • Doors will open for migrants
  • School Career Advisers will broaden their reach across industries and firms.
  • Career changers will be exposed to new opportunities.
  • Training institutions and other providers will extend their reach into the Otago communities.
  • Local employment will be encouraged
  • Networks will be created or strengthened

The festival is being produced by a Festival Steering Group in partnership with the Mayors’ Taskforce for Jobs. The Festival Steering Group is made up of industry organisations, government agencies, business associations, secondary schools, tertiary training institutions, business support forms, career advisors, local authorities and others interested in career development in and for Otago.

Upcoming Events
  • To be confirmed in 2015

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